56.9 °F

Hum: 29% Dew: 24.9 °F
Baro: 1022.73 hPa
Wind: NNW @ 2.4 mph
Rain: No Rain Today
Data Updated: 15:23
TNET Weather Station - Mesa, AZ USA
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Webcam Views Around Phoenix

Various regional webcams showing weather conditions and visibility throughout the Phoenix region. Images are updated every 15 minutes.

Time Lapse Playback: Each image displayed below is the more recent image obtained. Clicking on the image will provide a time lapse play back of aprox 24 hours (up to 96 frames)

Estrella Mountains

The Sierra Estrellas form a jagged skyline southwest of metropolitan Phoenix. The camera view looks south from Avondale.

White Tank Mountains

The White Tank Mountains lie to the west of metropolitan Phoenix. The camera view looks west from Avondale.

Camelback Mountain

The distinctive profile of this inner city mountain gives it its name. It is bordered by the cities of Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. The view is from the Capital Mall area of downtown Phoenix looking northeast toward Camelback Mountain.

Superstition Mountains

The Superstition Mountains are part of the designated Superstition Wilderness Area. The view is looking east from downtown Mesa with the community of Apache Junction between the camera and the mountain vista.

South Mountain

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South Mountain is a rugged mountain south of metropolitan Phoenix. The view is from North Mountain looking toward the Phoenix downtown skyline and the South Mountains in the distance.

Image Source

Images obtained from: Phoenix Region Visibility a program by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. The webcam images are a method of seeing changes in visibility on a day to day basis throughout the Phoenix Metro Area.


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