Weather-Display ClientRaw Parser

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This webtool provides a way to parse the contents of the Four clientraw files that are generated by Weather-Display. It looks at the URL location that you define to read the files that are there and then displays that information with field names and contents. The contents include both the default vaules found in the files and the calculated values for alternative formats.

Updated to version: 10.37 build 37 or higher

In order to view a clientraw file set, you need to enter in a URL that points to the PATH where your clientraw files are located. IF you are using WDLive, this normally would be the same directory that contains your WDL files.

Failure to provide a valid URL that points to your files may cause this tool to pause for a long time eventually resulting in an error condition or return blank information.

Path must start with either:


and point to the directory that contains the clientraw files, NOT the actual filenames


NOTE: All uses of this script are logged.

This Tool is hosted by: TNET Weather

WD Parser Construction Credits

The creation of the parser was a colaboraton with TNET Services, Inc., and several other individuals that contibuted information and code to the project. These other people include:

The WD Parser is hosted by TNET Weather

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