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TNET Weather Based Projects and Scripts > WinSchedTrigger Utility


This is a simple Window utility that provides a trigger to the remote website for cron like functions.

The utility allows you to set the interval, the URL to call and whether or not it will start automatically when it is run.

Once running, it will make a port 80 (Web) URL call to your remote website to activate the templates built in cron scheduling function.

This allows cron functions even on web hosts that don't either allow it (like E-rice) or don't offer the ability to schedule something as often as 1 minute. It can also be used by those who don't want to mess with the web hosts cron scheduler.

This utility will be available as part of the template system free of charge.


Coming soon!

Supported Platforms

WinSchedTrigger is a 32 bit Windows utility that is supported on the following Windows platforms.

WinSchedTrigger is a product of TNET Services, Inc. © 2010

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