50.2 °F

Hum: 83% Dew: 45.2 °F
Baro: 1011.55 hPa
Wind: NNE @ 0.0 mph
Rain: No Rain Today
Data Updated: 06:37
TNET Weather Station - Mesa, AZ USA
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Wiki Project Status


This package is not yet released.

Real work on this project started on December 28, 2009. A prototype website was created in December 2008, but never really worked on after that point.   That look and feel is what was started when this Project started though the default color scheme will be quite different when released.

Some of the items still pending completion are:

These pages are using the template as it is being created. A default template site now exists to show what the default download will look like. See Default Template

Change Log

DateWork Done
2010-01-17 * Enabled Stop Forum Spam API module into all contact forms to reduce spam.
  • Completed integration of Pseudo-Cron into system with wiki access to crontab
  • Started logfile rotation and extended report abilities based on previous months logs
2010-01-12 * Rewrite the entire Cumulus Boltwire Plugin to incorporate the reading, parsing and distribution of all Cumulus related data. Was two plugins for realtime and webtags.
  • Updated status and other related pages
  • Implementing more webtags throughout the site.
2010-01-11 * Implemented use of Webtags and found a major bug in the cumulus plugin as a result, will work on fix in a day or two. Will have a load statement that will be in the top zone which will load the data, and then the calls will simply parse out what is already loaded.
  • Implemented webtag obtained variables in some sections of the site, Lat & Long on the About page, Station obtained forecase on Main weather page etc... Example: Version of TNETwebtags =
2010-01-10 * Activated Demonstration Default Template site http://cwtemplate.tnetweather.com
  • Began integration of pseudo-cron into the package for crontab capabilities even on sites that don't have access to cron
  • Activated new TNET Main site using the template system (this site now). Restyled it to be different from default style.
2010-01-06 * Created template site and started setting up the basic template site.
  • Reorganized the weather pages so that they fall under the weather hierarchy. This leaves the main page able to be a main non-weather page. Sites that only want the template to be a weather site, can copy the contents of the weather page to the main.
2010-01-04 * Figured out how form email works... so the mail system actually works now.
  • Created Mobile page versions. Needs to have the plugin modified to deal with a different formatted dashboard and other information but appears to be working. Using your mobile enabled phone device you should be able to see them via http://test04.tnet.com/mobile
2010-01-03 * Changed default style to blue theme
  • Modified top section to use text (will provide info for a graphic version)
  • More documentation done in the Project reference section
  • Tested with other common modern browsers (Safari, Google Chrome, MSIE8)
  • Started removing old test sections and cleaning up directory structure in preparation of moving site to new perm location as a demonstration site.
2010-01-01 * Activated mail system within wiki.
  • Added Prelim Contact form
  • Added support for Lytebox Images processing
  • Added more satellite image capabilities (these would depend on what the user has installed)
  • Added Cumulus Generated Images to the Graphs Page (Separate page with link back and forth)
2009-12-31 * Added Dashboard to plugin, used on main page.
  • Added Header weather recap data.
  • Added table data from both realtime.txt and realtime.log files for the Index and Observations pages.
2009-12-30 * Created Development page worked on the CSS and started the plugin creation.
2009-12-29 * Initial setup and configuration to create the look and feel based on the old prototype website

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