73.4 °F

Hum: 25% Dew: 35.4 °F
Baro: 1019.48 hPa
Wind: NE @ 2.4 mph
Rain: No Rain Today
Data Updated: 13:57
TNET Weather Station - Mesa, AZ USA
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Graphic Logo Instead of Text

You can change the top section of the website by creating a 500x100 Ping image of the graph of your choosing and replacing the text in the top zone.

Below is what the image being used above looks like:

Replace the text in the top zone that contains:

Text Version
<div class='topdashpos'>[(cumulus topdash=1 )]</div>[(webvisitor)]
! [[main|$$sitename]]
!! $$slogan



Graphic Image Version
<div class='topdashpos'>[(cumulus topdash=1 )]</div>[(webvisitor)]

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