72.9 °F

Hum: 25% Dew: 35.0 °F
Baro: 1019.24 hPa
Wind: ENE @ 2.4 mph
Rain: No Rain Today
Data Updated: 14:13
TNET Weather Station - Mesa, AZ USA
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realtime.txt layout

The realtime.txt file is a space delimited file that is uploaded from the Cumulus weather station software to the remote website typically once an hour. To be useful with this system, the file needs to be uploaded once a minute.

Updated to match Version 1.9.2 build 1005

date018/10/08date (always dd/mm/yy)
time116:03:45time (always hh:mm:ss)
temp28.4outside temperature
hum384relative humidity
wspeed524.2wind speed (average)
wgust633.0wind speed (gust)
avgbearing7261wind bearing
rrate80.0current rain rate
rfall91.0rain today
wdir - No Tag11Wwind direction
beaufort126wind speed (beaufort)
windunit13mphwind units
tempunit14Ctemperature units
pressunit15mbpressure units
rainunit16mmrain units
windrun17146.6wind run (today)
presstrend18+0.1pressure trend value
rmonth1985.2monthly rain
ryear20588.4yearly rain
rfallY2111.6yesterday's rainfall
intemp2220.3inside temperature
inhum2357inside humidity
wchll243.6wind chill
temptrendval25-0.7temperature trend value
tempTH2610.9today's high temp
TtempTH2712:00time of today's high temp (hh:mm)
tempTL287.8today's low temp
TtempTL2914:41time of today's low temp (hh:mm)
windTM3037.4today's high wind speed (average)
TwindTM3114:38time of today's hi wind (avg) (hh:mm)
wgustTM3244.0today's high wind gust
TwgustTM3314:28time of today's high wind gust (hh:mm)
pressTH34999.8today's high pressure
TpressTH3516:01time of today's high pressure (hh:mm)
pressTL36998.4today's low pressure
TpressTL3712:06time of today's low pressure (hh:mm)
version381.8.2Cumulus version
build39459Cumulus build no
wgust401.6Recent Max Gust
heatindex4176.2Heat Index
humidex4224.9Humidex Index
UV430.02UV (if you have it)
SolarRad45220Solar (if you have it)
avgbearing4626010-minute average wind bearing (degrees)
rhour472.3rainfall last hour
forecastnumber483Current Forecast per strings.ini IF used
isdaylight491Flag indicating if it is daylight 1 or night 0
SensorContactLost501Fine Offset ONLY - Shows if station lost contact
WindDir Avg51NNWWind direction Average
Cloudbase522040Cloudbase value
Cloudbase Units53ftWhat units are Cloudbase
AppTemp5412.3Apparent Temp
SunHrs5511.1Sunshine Hours
MaxSolar56410.1Current Theoretical Max Solar
SunFlag571Sunny Flag 1=yes
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