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Rain: No Rain Today
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TNET Weather Based Projects and Scripts > Cumulus GetMetar Include Script

Cumulus GetMetar Include Script

This is basically an add on script to support the TNET Webtags script.

It fetches the specified METAR data to obtain basically sky and conditions information from a nearby Metar station. This provides data that is not available via the weather station itself such as if it is overcast/foggy/snowing, visibility, and provides info to have a current icon condition for the site.

Combined with the TNETwebtags, and the parsing of the realtime.log info, it can provide actual real time conditions or the site by using the recent rain to override the remote Metar stations output.



Supported Tags

This script adds the following tags that are combined with the TNET Webtags data:

$WX['metarstn']Metar Station NameKNGP
$WX['metardate']Date data was aquiredTue Feb 2, 22:56 MST
$WX['metarage']How long ago25 min ago
$WX['metarvis']Visibility4 miles
$WX['metarcond'']Conditionslight rain & mist
$WX['metarsky']Sky conditionsovercast
$WX['curicon']Calculated Current IconLIGHTRAIN

The $WX['curicon'] can be used along with the Webtags value of $WX['isdaylight'] to get the current condition icon for display.

Version History

0.9 2010-02-02Added parsing to obtain Current Icon based on Conditions and Sky values obtained. Need to add override for station rain detection
0.9 2010-01-05Created initial script based on original work of Mark Woodward Feb 2001 (GetWX)
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