50.2 °F

Hum: 83% Dew: 45.2 °F
Baro: 1011.55 hPa
Wind: NNE @ 0.0 mph
Rain: No Rain Today
Data Updated: 06:37
TNET Weather Station - Mesa, AZ USA
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Project File Downloads

All of the scripts and documentation on the has been consolidated into this section for easy of finding what is available. For details about each of the packages, please refer further down the page.


A significant amount of time goes into the creation, support and enhancement of scripts and Donations to help defray the cost. Even though the scripts below are available for free and are free to use, donations are encouraged. Donations are accepted via:

Download Links

Most scripts are documented inside the script. Projects that have PDF's have separate documentation that is included inside the ZIP files and can be downloaded separately.

ProjectDownloadVersionRelease DateLicense
CheckServerTXT1.0Oct 11th, 2008Public Domain
Cumulus JpGraph GraphsZIP 7z PDF3.1Oct 26th, 2008GNU General Public
Cumulus PHP-GD AvatarTXT3.0Oct 19th, 2008GNU General Public
Cumulus PHP-GD BannerZIP PDF3.0Oct 19th, 2008GNU General Public
Cumulus RealTimeLogTXT2.0Oct 17th, 2008GNU General Public
NEW EU Cookies Permission System ScriptTXT1.0May 26th, 2012GNU General Public
NEW Cumulus RealTimeLog RotateTXT0.1May 20th, 2012GNU General Public
Cumulus Thermometer1.0Jan 11th, 2010GNU General Public
Cumulus RSS FeedN/AGNU General Public
Cumulus WebtagsTXT2.6.1Jan 30th, 2010GNU General Public
Cumulus Wiki Weather ProjectN/AMultiple Licenses
Cumulus WAPTXT3.2Mar 18th, 2009GNU General Public
PHP Dayfile ParserTXT0.12Feb 12th, 2010GNU General Public

Download types

The above files for download may be available in different formats:

TXTText file. If PHP code, you must rename the filename extension from txt to php so that it will work on your PHP webserver. (ie checkserver.txt would be saved as checkserver.php)
PDFPDF are document files. Requires Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader to view
ZIPZIP file. Should be able to unzip using WinZip, WinRAR, 7Zip, Windows Zip Extractors. Most of these were created using 7zip.
7z7ZIP file. Extract with 7-zip.
GZIPGZIP are Unix tar files compressed with gzip. You would need to use either GNU tar or gunzip and then untar them on your Unix server.
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