50.2 °F

Hum: 83% Dew: 45.2 °F
Baro: 1011.55 hPa
Wind: NNE @ 0.0 mph
Rain: No Rain Today
Data Updated: 06:37
TNET Weather Station - Mesa, AZ USA
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Website News

DateNews Event
2015-02-02Corrected 404 Page Not Found Result Codes
For some reason, 404 Page not found hits were getting to the 404 page, but the result code was 200 which is not cool. Especially for bots looking for exploitable systems with phpmyadmin, and all kinds of goodies.
2015-02-02GroundHog Day
It's GroundHog Day!
WD Parser is Back Online
Added back in a temporary version of the WD Parser
2015-02-01Web Server Upgrade
Just setup the new web server stack and their are new security updates... Completed that today. Site appears to be stable, and I am still checking on hits for old content that might still be offline that needs to be migrated over.
Spent a hunk of time updating analytics, Sitemaps and other behind the scene stuff for indexing.
WD Parser
Will bring back the WD Parser in a day or two at least in a minimal basis until I can get more time to work it into the theme here. Redirects to it will start pointing at it when it is back on line.
2015-01-26Converted Site to SSL
Been planned all along but couldn't do it until the sites merged. The TNET Weather website is now in https format. Any request for regular http will be redirected to the https pages.
2015-01-25Power Outage
This morning we had a power outage from around 4:45am until close to 9am. Data just started updating at 9:03am.
More Redirects Added
More Redirects from the old site to the new site have been added for those hitting those links.
Archived Section
Created an Archived web page section where old content will in some cases come back to live. Archives is currently just a catch all for old pages. Will eventually have some of the old pages listed that can be accessed.
2015-01-24The Merge has Started
The merge of the two TNET weather websites has started. You can't see this when I am entering it since the "new" site is still not online. More info about the Merge. So far about 1/2 of the automated process have been moved and appear to be working... just about to start on the other half.
The Merge has Completed
The other half of the automation scripts have been redirected to the new site. There is still a lot to do with bringing old parts of the old site to the archived sections, reorganizing the Projects page, but for now, most is intact and appears to be functioning correctly.
2015-01-21HTML5 Slideshow Activated
Most if not all slideshows now are using the new HTML5 Slideshow script.
2015-01-19Southwestern Weather Network Wasp2 Lightning/Radar Map
Has been re-enabled and is using HTML5 slideshow.
2015-01-18HTML5 Slideshow
These experimental scripts are implemented for the NextRAD GRLevel3 Maps. These work differently from the original PHP/SFW slideshow in that they will pause if you hover over the image, and you can control incremental moving forward and back using the arrows on the sides of the images.
PHP/SFW Slideshows
These have been turned back on in most areas after correcting the X-Frame-Options header options on the website. These will eventually all be replaced by the HTML5 slide show scripts.
Southwestern Weather Network Wasp2 Lightning/Radar Map
Has been disabled on the website. The feed is not working.
2015-01-17Email Form Corrected
2015-01-15Email Form is not working
Just noticed that the Contact form is not delivering. Please send email to weather@tnetweather.com using your regular email account to ask questions etc... until it is corrected.
2015-01-14New Year, New Changes No real time to play for some time but got some recently to move the site to a new upgrade server which broke somethings and made something better. All of the Flash code for displaying radar, webcams and other time captured info is broken but I am working on replacing them with HTML5 versions to do similar tasks. Hope to recode the stuff that is testing and working apparently now shortly. More to come. Some Errors
  • Corrected problem with dayfile transmissions. Forgot one of thep pieces of the transfer.. was still going to the old server
2014-05-03Forecast Updated
  • Updated forecast scripts to match changes by NWS.
Removed Comments
  • Remove the Disqus Comments from the system as they were not being used
2013-08-31Weather Workstation
  • Replaced the power supply in the weather workstation which talks to the weather station and sends the data to the website. The fan had stopped working in it causing the workstation to overheat.
2013-07-20Minor Script Changes
Getting ready to do a revamp on the site...
2012-05-26Added EU Cookie Approval Script to Projects Corrected NOAA GOES Archives
  • Found the problem. The archives are catching up.
2012-05-25Added EU Like Cookie Approval
  • This is more of an experiment and learning process... I've added cookie approval code to the site which is something that websites throughout the EU supposed to be required to do starting this Sat May 26th. We are NOT in the EU and are not required to do this, but for learning purposes, I have added some code to see if my implementation of it works.
Problem with NOAA GOES Satellite Archives
  • Just noticed that the archives for the NOAA GOES satellites are not updating since the website move. Checking into it.
  • Website got moved to our new remote VPS server. There are a few features on the site that are not yet working after the move
2012-05-13WEBSITE MOVE
  • All weather sites have been moved to our new Remote VPS server.
  • Fixed Lytebox display of larger images. It was forcing the size smaller even if the image was still smaller than the browser window. Try clicking on the + under the images on this page: NEXRAD Level III Radar
  • Added test Webcam with Pan and Tilt capabilities. Currently located on the back covered patio pointing south.
  • Been rough network wise for several months. We have been having serious issues with the Cox Business network which hopefully has been fully remedied today. They ended up running an unbroken line between the business modem all the way to the street. We will see.
  • The StormPulse radar maps will be discontinued Dec 31st as they are no longer supporting a free API. The number of visitors to that section of the website doesn't merit the fees they want to charge for access.
  • Upgraded Boltwire Engine to 3.4.14. Only a slight modification to the engine was needed (so far)
  • Replaced the failed power supply in the weather collection workstation and has been brought back online.
  • Replacement power supply is ordered and should be here late Thursday
  • Weather collection workstation's power supply failed again. Working to find out what caused this one to fail.
  • Added new Flash Gallery to site. Still playing with it.
  • Replaced the failed power supply in the weather collection workstation and has been brought back online.
  • Weather collection workstation's power supply failed. Replacement is on the way. ETA is Saturday
  • Had a little issue with collected data this afternoon which brought the website down today. Corrected the issue. BTW, we set a all time high for the second day in a row for Sep 18th and 19th.
  • Started forwarding the defunct MesaWX.com website to here. Bill who published the MesaWX website moved out of state and is no longer publishing the information. Currently, visitors who hit any link at MesaWX.com will be directed to s special radar page.
  • Upgraded to current BW release 3.4.11
  • Temp fixe for most of the Cumulus plugin except for the rain tip detection function.
  • Found cause of most of the plugin issues residing with the raintip module. Log file gets too large and takes up too much memory.
  • Problems with the new wiki engine are causing problems with the proper loading of the Cumulus plugin.
  • New Wiki engine applied. This is a major update and it required a lot of page reformatting
  • Updated GRLevel3 to support Hi-Res for upcoming improvements due by July 2010. NEXRAD GRlevel3.
  • Added SWN WASP2 Lighting Maps
  • Re-arranged Radar sections into separate pages linked off of the radar page.
  • Re-arranged About Us page into sections.
  • Replaced webcam with Phoenix Visibility Webcams.
  • Created archive for webcam images to provide slide show abilities.
  • Added links to images so that you can view the slide show.
  • Added Webcam back into the mix. Terrible sitting however as it is behind a sun screen. Looking for my previous webcam which I used on the outside... Will set that up when I "find" it.
2010-01-17Winter Storms
  • A series of storms are coming through California and expected to bring significant rain to the Phoenix Metro area.
  • Expected Rain: Mon > .35in, Tue > 1.25in, Wed > .75in, Thur > 3in
  • Created Site News page.
  • Added basic RSS Feed Script so that it shows up on the site. More info
  • Moved Download links away from click counter to direct files.
  • Bug found in GoogleiCal plugin but not yet fixed. Seeing Feb 14th as Today.
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