73.8 °F

Hum: 25% Dew: 35.8 °F
Baro: 1019.44 hPa
Wind: NE @ 2.4 mph
Rain: No Rain Today
Data Updated: 13:51
TNET Weather Station - Mesa, AZ USA
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Server Issues

Sometime during Sept 25th communications issues popped up between the data collector where the weather station is located and the web server where the weather data is displayed.

We identified part of the problem the evening of the 27th but it didn't fix the issue completely and even then it was sporadic.

The morning of the 28th we rerouted some of the data a different way and that seems to be working, but many processes on the web server itself needs to be adjusted to look for the new locations and a revaluation of the entire process needs to be looked at as well..

The weather collection workstation is also quite old and needs to be replaced sometime soon before it fails altogether.

Replacement Weather Workstation

A replacement weather workstation has been ordered. Won't be online for several days. Like mentioned before the current workstation is quite old and is a protected WinXP box with access to the internet protected since it is not a secure box. It is headless, no monitor or keyboard connected to it.

The replacement needs specific requirements to run some of the software so it will be Win7Pro not Win8 or 10 as both of those operating systems have unwanted automatic updates and reboots. It just needs to provide processing for weather. The new box will be headless after it is built as well.

The new box will have:

The new box will be significantly more powerful than the current box but most of that extra power is not really needed.

2016-10-05 Workstation arrived

New workstation arrived, looks good out of the box. Hooked it up and got the very basics on it, setup Wireless WiFi so I can work on it remotely until finished, windows updates is sticking, but that should be fixable.

2016-10-06 Updates working

More installation being done, lots to setup and move. Most likely won't try to get this into place until Friday night though, not enough time during the day. Looks really good though, fast.

2016-10-08 Moving to new Workstation

Process of moving to the new workstation is underway and while taking place, data updates will be halted.

Having some issues with one of the weather processing programs. One is online and the GRLevel3 works when turned on but one weather generation program is not connecting still.

2016-10-09 New Workstation is up

A couple minor issues like it not using the ethernet cable, still using WiFi, but everything seems to be up and running.

2016-10-11 Completed

Figured out Ethernet connection figured out. Wrong cable (wrong color, color indicated it was a business switch network cable but was connected to residential switch).

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