73.6 °F

Hum: 25% Dew: 35.6 °F
Baro: 1019.44 hPa
Wind: NE @ 2.4 mph
Rain: No Rain Today
Data Updated: 13:54
TNET Weather Station - Mesa, AZ USA
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Published Information

Information collected at this weather station is published on a regular basis to a number of external weather collection sites. Below are some of the ones we participate with:

CWOP - Citizens Weather Observation Program

Station CW2582 The Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) is a private-public partnership with three main goals:

Links to Data

WeatherUnderground Station ID# KAZMESA12

The Weather Underground has teamed up with a number of Weather sofware vendors to build a network of weather stations. Anyone with a weather station supported by the software listed below can upload their weather data to The Weather Underground. This data is accessible by anyone via The Weather Underground Web Site.

Links to Data

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