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Welcome to the TNET Weather Station

Located on the western edge of Mesa, Arizona, we provide a wide variety of weather information in an accessible format for visitors using our own weather station. Weather is gathered using Weather-Display software, a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station and information gathered from various sources throughout the Internet.

For current conditions, you can click on Current Conditions on the menu bar to the left, or check the updated info in the top right hand corner of the page.

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FWI = 51.3 - Extreme

Fire Weather Index

A fire danger rating system should supply an objective answer to the question: 'What is the probability of a fire starting, spreading and doing damage today?' It enables fire managers to properly assess the levels of preparedness and the suppression resources needed to keep fire losses to a minimum. A fire danger rating system measures the variable elements which cause day to day changes in fire risk, and interprets the information gained.

Monthly Average Temperatures

The chart below represents the average monthly temperatures we see here in the Mesa, AZ. While the hottest temperatures of the year are typically in June before the start of the Monsoon, the hottest avg temps are in July normally while the Monsoon is in effect. This is because the temps stay up all day long and stay up during the night hours.

Graphic: Themograph showing Temp Ranges over the Months
Thermograph modified from original source from

Arizona Random Weather Facts

Definition Humidex - Over the years, several measures have been proposed to relate various combinations of temperature and humidity into a single number to approximate what hot, humid weather feels like to the average person. Of these, humidex is the one most familiar to Canadians. Humidex was introduced into Canada in 1965. The index is a summer analogue of the wind chill factor in that it is an equivalent air temperature. Air of a given temperature and humidity is equated in comfort to air of a higher temperature that has a negligible moisture content. Comfort is quite subjective and largely dependent on the age and health of the individual. Weather conditions causing prickly heat in an infant may result in heat cramps in a teenager, heat exhaustion in a middle-aged and heat stroke in a senior. Humidex is also limited as an overall hot-weather comfort index because it does not consider other factors such as pressure, wind speed, precipitation, sunshine or pollen.

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